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Growing up in the fish-filled Ozarks, with older brother Ben Levin to blaze a trail as a fly fishing guide, it’s easy to see why fishing came naturally to Gabe. As a child he could usually be found playing in the Little Mulberry creek, splashing along in his brother’s footsteps until Ben stuck a fly rod in his hand, probably to try to get rid of him – it did not work. Gabe spent every summer of his teena ... Read More »

Steve was raised on Australia’s island state of Tasmania, in Aussie fly fishing terms the equivalent of being raised in Montana. But he'll tell you he squandered his youth in the salt, surfing, diving, and fishing for all manner of species including tunas. Finally convinced in his late 20s to grasp a fly rod, an obsession was born. He cut his teeth on the challenging wild brown trout and rainbows of Tasmania&rs ... Read More »

If there is a common thread among our friends meeting Chad is "that is one fishy dude". There might be a puddle with something fishy swimming in it, and Chad's going to work out how to get it to eat a fly. Chad was born in Mississippi in 1973. He spent the next 32 years in Crystal Springs. he grew up fishing for Catfish, Bass, & Blue Gill with his Dad but never with the passion that he has found in fly fishing. &nbs ... Read More »

Clint Wilkinson is one of our most experienced team members, despite his youthful appearance, having been a full-time fly fishing guide on the local tailwaters and rivers for more a decade. Clint is a highly skilled caster, fly tyer, boat handler and is an innovator of many flies and techniques for fishing the tailwaters of Arkansas.  His Sunday Special fly, Sowbug and Tungsten Black Midge are all fly s ... Read More »

I always feel incredibly lucky that Davy Wotton is part of our extended family around this fly shop. Davy has devoted his life to fly fishing on two continents and legitimately should be regarded as an international guru. He has many, many flies in commercial production both here and in the UK, was an innovator in the fly tying materials business, a writer, photographer, entomologist, casting instructor and out standin ... Read More »

Kevin Brandtonies was born in Chicago IL in 1968; He has been fishing since he was 5 years old. His first trip to this area was in 1974, where his father Larry Brandtonies fell in love with the White River and brought his family here every year. Kevin worked as a first mate on charter boats out of Chicago on Lake Michigan, for six years he trolled for Salmon and Trout. He eventually went into the securities bu ... Read More »

Starting in the mid to late 50's Marc began fishing popping bugs with his father on the upper White, War Eagle, and Osage Rivers in NW Arkansas. This kindled an interest in fishing that gets brighter every year.  After high school in Tulsa, college at OSU, and a term with the US Navy; Marc was free to pick the places he spent time. Most of these were chosen because of the fishing available.  Beli ... Read More »

NOTE: Ben is Down South guiding in Chile until April 2015. We are have limited dates open for Ben in April & May. If you have an interest in joining Ben in Chile this season, we have some open dates _ call Steve for details.   Ben Levin used to be known as "The Kid" around the crusty older types here at the Ozark Fly Fisher, before the beard, but he's packed more fly fishing experience than m ... Read More »